About Regards Lauryn

Hi! How nice that you want to know more about Regards Lauryn. First, I’ll tell you something about myself.

I’m Lauryn Stadhouder, currently eighteen years old, and I’m in my senior year of High School right now. My passion for writing started when I was ten years old. I wrote a book for children, it’s called ‘Piempje’. Want know more? Click here!

Not much later, I decided to start a blog. February 6th 2014 to be precisely. I started my own blogspot account and my site was live. When I started to perceive blogging was much more than a hobby, I wanted to have my own domain name. Before I knew it Regardslauryn.nl was a fact! Since I’m blogging on my own domain, the ball started rolling and rolling. I collaborated with many companies and bloggers. So nice! Two and a half year later I could call Regards Lauryn officially a company too. August 16th 2016 I wrote my blog at the Chamber of Commerce. What a great experience! 

And now, several times later I do own a .com domain as well. I’m blogging in English, instead of Dutch and everything has been changed. I’m growing daily and I still like it after all this time :-).

Enjoy watching my blog.