This year’s eclipse

This summer there will be finally a full eclipse again. This is something that many lovers look forward to (including me).

For the ones who actually don’t know what a eclipse exactly is: no worries, I’ll tell you. Alright, a solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon. This means that the light of the sun won’t reach the observer, because a celestial body is in the path of the light. Mostly it’s the moon which blocks the light. So, to make a difficult story clear: the world will be dark for just a moment. Honestly, I never experienced an eclipse by myself. So I’m very curious about what it’s really like. And if the world really is like a dark night…

Unfortunately for me, this eclipse will only be visible in the United States. There are some illustrations made in which you can see the detailed path of the eclipse (so at places to experience the full eclipse).

The full eclipse will be on the 21th of August. More info? Please go to 😘.


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  1. by Wynne Katherine on August 14, 2017  9:41 am Reply

    I have always wanted to seen eclipse, sadly I wouldnt be able to see it this year because I am not living in the us

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