Shoeby: Fred van Leer collectie

Yesterday, I visited with the company of sweet Jill, a new collection of Fred van Leer.

We went to an event in Shoebys flagshipstorin The Hague. To me, it was maybe half an hour by tram. Halfway there, I met Jill so we could go to the event together.

When we arrived, I already liked the event. There was nice music, the location was good and the best of all: the food and the drinks were incredible. Well organized! When we went upstairs to listen to the presentation and to have a look at the new clothes I became more and more enthusiastic. I was so curious! Afterwards, I think the new clothes are definitely amazing. I would wear them myself as well!

Naturally, I couldn’t leave the store without buying anything from Fred van Leer his collection. I decided to buy a basic tee which I could wear very often. I’m so happy with this T-shirt. The quality and the fabric are so fine. I like it.

On this pic you can see the outfit which I was wearing that day. I wore a basic black dress with an oversized denim jacket. Oh, and the watch is by Cluse. Such a pretty watch, isn’t it?



  1. by Sija on September 28, 2016  8:24 pm Reply

    Wat leuk! Lijkt me een erg gezellig event :) Ben benieuwd naar je shirtje!

    • by Lauryn on October 10, 2016  7:20 pm Reply

      Thanks! Ja, het was onwijs gezellig (:

  2. by Thebeautyblognl on October 11, 2016  7:06 am Reply

    Awh hoe leuk! Gaaf dat je erbij mocht zijn!

    • by Lauryn on October 11, 2016  6:23 pm Reply

      Jaaa, was heel tof!

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