Reject cool opportunities: why?

Lately, I wrote about ‘accepting challenges‘ and ‘advertising vs personal‘. Today I’m gonna tell you the whole other side of these stories. Because you actually need to reject some cool opportunities as well…

After writing two motivated blogposts about accepting challenges as example, it’s important to tell you that one can’t accept everything that comes along their way. Unfortunately, one have to reject some of these requests. Let me tell you why:

I have noticed myself that when I want to do too much nice possibilities, I get stressed. I mean, I love to do lots of things, because I learn from them. And I really love to learn new things, you know. But on these moments it will be me too much. The toughest in this moment is to stop. It’s like a rolling ball. When you’re in it, you don’t want to stop anymore.

Recently I had to tell myself to stop. I came across a really good opportunity, but I get stressed because of all the things I had to do to become like that. When I thought about it I said to myself, don’t do it. If I already get stressed by a test assignment, how am I going to persevere if that’s my real assignment… I won’t last for long, for sure.

So all I wanna say is that you all have to think before making a decision. If you’re good, then do it. If you’re in doubt, then think again. Perhaps you shouldn’t do it. When did you reject a cool possibility?


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  1. by Diana on October 16, 2017  3:23 pm Reply

    Hi Lau, I love this item you wrote a lot, because I think it shows how strong you are.
    Ofcourse there are moments you hesitate, and you're critical when it comes to some subjects or brands. But even ik you don't use a brand by yourself you can be supportive. When it really isn't for you, you don't and I love that about you.

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