As lactose intolerant, I’m always searching for delicious lactose-free foodies. Something like a cashew drink comes in handy!

Generally, I don’t like milk (nope, even if it’s lactose-free I don’t like it). But why do I want to try this cashew drink then? I don’t know, but it got my attention since the first time I saw it. Now, let’s see if we can compare milk with cashew milk…

Not much later I poured the drink in a glass. Right away, I noticed the colour was a bit gray instead of white. It doesn’t even look like milk! I became more enthusiastic and got less patient to try it by the minute.

What do I think of Alpro Cashewdrink?

I took the funniest straw and in no-time I had my taste of the cashew drink. The cashews gave a predominant flavor (which is very logical). What I tasted after that? I honestly don’t know… I don’t even know if I like the drink or not. It’s not bad, but I probably won’t drink it frequently. What I really want to try is adding this drink to a smoothie or something. I think that’s more delicious than drinking this pure.

Have you already heard of Alpro?

For sure! In my younger years I used products by Alpro already. I had to take some medicines with custard, but because I was lactose intolerant this had to be custard without lactose. Luckily, Alpro had my back and offered every colour and taste. That was so nice! I didn’t only eat custard, but yoghurt was also one of my favourites.Yummy!

Because of this experience I wasn’t afraid to try this cashew drink. Just because I knew Alpro had some other delicious products. Then why would this cashew drink be dirty?


Well, I’m not very enthusiastic about this product. But I am happy I tried this one. Now, I know I’m not missing any delicious product by Alpro, haha. As I said, I’m going to try this product as a smoothie. I think that will be delicious, and will give the smoothie an extra touch.