The new Clinique FIT collection

Today’s post will be in the theme of being fit. That didn’t surprise you, did it? Okay so let’s talk about yoga then…

You know I’m not that fit girl tho hahaha. I used to be in the gym two days a week, but I couldn’t carry on. So I stopped. Sad story, huh? No not really. I met yoga like more than a year ago and I still think it’s such a nice thing to do. I have to say, I stopped for a while but now I want to pick it up again.


Clinique’s new FIT collection gave me that motivation. I received a press package full of nice sporty stuff. Think of a water bottle, a sweatband and a toilet bag full of beauty products I can use during sporting. It’s amazing. It really is.

This new collection includes some make up removal wipes. They’re so useful by the end of the day! They also got me a day cream and special foundation (including SPF 40) that will stick better when you sweat? Honestly, I don’t know but I really want to find out!

I never felt so enthusiastic about being fit! And I must say, it feels amazing. Really want to go to do some yoga now. Hihi. Have you ever tried yoga?


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