How do ‘medium’ bloggers deal with their collabs?

Recently, I was thinking. Thinking about how to deal in a fair way with collaborations. Very big bloggers always can ask for a compensation and small bloggers agree to products only. I mean, that really is fair.

But what can ‘medium’ bloggers do? Because they probably want to review some products, but their reach is way more than small / starting bloggers. So they do deserve something more than only a product.

Well, of course you can ask for a small compensation beside the product you receive. But most companies do not agree with this. I don’t know but they still think you’re too small in comparison with the bigger bloggers. That sucks. There are also lots of platforms on which you can collect campaigns, but most of the time they do select bloggers with a higher reach. And I mean, that’s totally okay. I would do that as well if I were a company. But in the medium blogger’s place it still sucks. How can you ever get what you deserve?

So today I want to ask you, how do you deal with collaborations? I would love to know!


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  1. by Nikita on August 4, 2017  8:40 am Reply

    Hey, I think it is all about finding the right PRs or Platforms. I don't see why brands should only give medium influencers or bloggers only the products. That is pathetic because it is also our source of livelihood (at least one of it). The ridiculous part is that most platforms have obnoxious demands about followers, subscribers etc.

    If we are able to find platforms or PRs that are considerate towards medium influencers or bloggers since we have good engagement rate then I think things will change.

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