Life lesson: changing things

In my life as a blogger / freelancer, I learned many (and then I mean: many many many) things. Changing things is one of them, and today I’m going to tell you what I think about this subject.

First of all, I want to say that in my first years I wanted to change things, like, everyday. After weeks, I didn’t like my page (or logo) anymore so I changed it. I mean, it’s really good to change things that quick to get to know yourself (and your brand) better. But it just doesn’t work for selling your company. And that should be remembered as well…

When changing your brandname, logo, or anything else by week, people will forget your identity. What your company is about and even more important: what they can expect from your brand. These days, I see lots of brands and bloggers who change their identity (and perhaps you guys do think that of Regards Lauryn as well). And I honestly don’t know why though. It’s so bad to give up something you’ve already built up. Why won’t you build that brand higher, to the top? At least, that’s what I wanna do for over three years right now.

Now I want to know, what do you think of this subject?


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