Let’s take a selfie!

Selfies have become an important thing nowadays. People are taking them anywhere at any time. But how can we make them look professional?

These days there are selfie queens for sure, but unfortunately there are also people who actually can’t take nice selfies. Too bad. So, if you are struggling with this. Then you might love the rest of this blogpost haha.

Alrighty, today I’m going to tell how I’m taking my selfies most of the time.

Let’s start with one of the most important things of a selfie. The angle. I’ve seen people who take them from under, but please don’t do that ever again. In this way it will look like you’re fat. Always take them from above or right from the front. Just try it, I bet you’ll see the difference.

As you might know, light is also very important. This can change a lot to your picture. When making a selfie, please go to a window because the natural light is the best thing god has given to us. Never (and then I mean never ever) make selfies in the dark with a orange light into your house. Nope, that’s not what you want girl.

Facial expression
And last but not least, your face. How you’re looking on the selfie is as important as the things I named above. Just practice your smile before making the picture. In my way, selfies look better when I smile with my mouth closed. But when something else works better for you, why not?

Of course, there are many more things to learn. MyTrendyPhone made an infographic to teach you guys how to publish your most fabulous selfie ever. Go check it out by clicking here!



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