Introduction: Tabitha James Kraan (WINACTIE)

Recently, I received a very cute message by Tabitha James Kraan, also called TJK. They wanted me to try their organic hairproducts. “Count me in!” I said.

Lately, I am increasingly looking at what kind of products I use. For example, I use products that have not been tested on animals a lot more relaxed. It just feels better for me. So when I heard of TJK for the first time, I became curious. The products looked great and stuff so why not try them myself?

And they are really good. I can say that the products do their jobs. The odor ‘Amber Rose’ is also great. Honestly, I love when my hair smells great, don’t you? Well, there is this other odor ‘Golden Citrus’ and in my opinion, this one smells less good. So sorry to say, but I want to be honest with you guys. Perhaps you do like this odor!

And last but not least, I think I have some great news for you girls! Because YOU can try these products as well. I award two ‘Get Started‘ sets worth € 75.00 (!!!). Please visit my Instagram page and take part in the contest. See you there!



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