Instagram engagement groups less effective?

For people who like to keep busy with Instagram, there are some engagement groups in which you can support other Instagrammers. What’s this about and how does it work?

You might have heard of these groups (or not). But I’ll explain anyway. So, for these people / bloggers there are some direct message groups. These groups are full by fifteen persons. When the group is full, it’s intended to send your most recent photo’s. In this way, the other fourteen bloggers can like and comment on your pic. This will extend your engagement because their followers may see they’ve commented on yours. Perhaps they will have a look at your account. If this happens more than once, it works.

I myself think that these groups are often chaotic. Especially if people are doing this for the first time. They might have read some different theories which actually aren’t real. Like, how to send your pics. Some people think it won’t increase your engagement when you’re sending it directly using the ‘paper plane’. So they’re all sending it in different ways, which is very cluttered. What they all don’t know, is that they all cause it by theirselves. Because when you’re in a group, you probably don’t pay attention to other accounts anymore. This will pull you back from all the other engagement. So, that’s actually it.

To be honest, I have been in these groups before. I actually set some up. But it took me too much time to keep up with all those recents. When I went on holiday to New York, I decided to leave them all.

I hope it’s all clear to you now. If not? Don’t feel hesitate to contact me.


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