Increase brand awareness: stickers

As you might know, Regards Lauryn really become a company last days. Besides that I’m officially an entrepreneur by Chamber of Commerce I do also sell my own products. So yes, increasing my brand awareness is an important topic.

It’s a bit stupid, but I never studied something in marketing. So, actually, I can’t set my brand as well as those who graduated from it. But that’s totally okay to me though. I’m doing it all because I like to do it. I also like to learn from it. Basically, I’m enjoying the process. I need more of them, haha. Luckily, I’m studying ‘Media, Information and Communication’ right now. And in this semester we actually will learn something about marketing. So hell yes, I’m curious and very excited about that! Tell me more.

Well, like I said; I’m doing it all because I like to do it. I also like to make my own designs and seeing them back in my hands. Lately, I ordered my own stickers as a kind of purpose to increase my brand awareness.

Look how cute they are! I think they really can increase my brand awareness because when people sticked them on their notebooks and other stuff. Other people will actually see my logo (and perhaps will ask about it). I as person would be interested in a logo I have never seen before though. I don’t know about you?

Let me tell you this, I ordered these stickers by A really cool website on which you can make lots of different stickers all by yourself. You can also buy designs which were made by others. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Just take a look and see it yourself!


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