How my interest in makeup has been reduced

Okay, so you might know I was very addicted to make up one year ago. That’s still true, but I think this desperately reduced. Today I’ll tell you how and why.

One maybe two years ago I received lots and lots of make up to review for my blog. I think I received a new package with amazing goodies almost every week. I fell in love, every time. That’s silly right?

I really had an obsession with new make up. Afterwards, it got stored away in the drawers and (almost) never came back out of it. That’s a sin, right? Recently this obsession started to reduce, step by step. It has to deal with the fact I didn’t receive that much make up anymore. I found out I actually didn’t miss receiving make up and realized I didn’t need as much as I have. So, I made a plan for myself. If something runs out, I’ll buy a new one, but then from a brand which produces animal and environmentally friendly. In this way I will exchange the makeup I have for something better. I mean, I still use lots of makeup because I still love to use it. I just love to make myself pretty. I don’t know why, is that weird?

So, to make something clear, I just received too much make up which showed me I actually don’t need as much as that. I saw I didn’t use that much makeup, which is sin. Honestly, I have to say: when I see some unboxing videos of mega packages all with makeup I become sick. Only because I know they aren’t going to use all of that as well. Perhaps more than I did, because they’re professional make up artists, but still. I don’t think any human in this world can use that much make up. What do you think of bloggers who get so many make up?


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