How I’m going to build up my blog rhythm again

Some of you might know I blogged a lot last year. I published a blog post nearly every day. That’s very different nowadays, but today I’ll tell you how I am going to tackle it again.

First of all, to plan a good blog rhythm one needs a fancy notebook. I made my own at It’s very easy and cheap to do so and that comes with a great mood starting with your planning. That’s a big part of what one needs.

So, how I am going to tackle the blog rhythm again is like this: I’m just going to publish more posts step by step.
Every time I want to do too much for the time I have, I stress. That’s not good, because every time when this happens, I publish bad blog posts. At this time, I just want to publish as much posts as I can. But I can tell you, when I try to upload such great amounts the quality goes down. Conclusion: no one will ever read it. I can better publish less posts which quality is way better. And in this way I will build up my blog rhythm.

When I lay in bed and I get lots of ideas, I write them down. But I only elaborate them if I got the time for that. With many ideas comes a to-do list. The golden tip for this one is: never push yourself. Don’t make your to-do period too short, because that leads to stress. I can tell you because I’ve been through this many times.

To make things short, I will first pay attention to the Instagram campaigns which should be published as well. After that, when I still got time, I will elaborate some of these campaigns on my blog. I still love to write, but the problem is: I ain’t got time for that anymore.


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