HOTSPOT: Pistache Café @ The Hague

You’re in for a healthy breakfast or lunch? Then I’ll definitely recommend Pistache Café. It is such a cute place to have your food. Believe me!

Okay, did I say healthy? Most of the things on the menu are healthy but of course not everything can be like that. Just choose the right things, haha.

Okay so this is how the café looks like from the outside. Honestly, I thought this café was very small when I saw it from this side. But when you come inside, it’s much bigger. I mean, it’s not that big but you know cosy big hahah. Just enough space for cute people to have their food. Alright, let’s have a look inside.

Big compliments for the interior, don’t you think so? I just looooove these colours and all of it. Just perfect. Yes. There are small tables and couches next to the window, but there are also some other tables next to the wall. You can also sit on this bar kind of thing you see on the right picture. Perfect if you want to finish your job on your laptop, isn’t it? A big 9 for the inside, definitely! Let’s see if the food is great as well.

Just enjoying my cappuccino at Pistache Café. Love it!

I ordered a cappuccino and an avocado sandwich and my mom ordered ginger tea in combination with just a croissant. Sounds delicious right? Well, I can say it really was! We enjoyed our meals and I would definitely go back once again to try all these other things they serve. Can’t wait!

Want to visit Pistache Café by yourself?



  1. by Malou | Blonde Blossom on May 9, 2017  10:33 am Reply

    Wat een supertof plekje is dit! Mijn vriend woont in Den Haag, dus hier kan ik zeker een keer naartoe gaan. Dat barretje is echt heel leuk en al dat groen vind ik top! Malou x

  2. by Samantha on May 10, 2017  1:27 pm Reply

    Ah! This is such a stunning place! Putting on my bucket list to visit.

  3. by Leanne on May 11, 2017  10:00 pm Reply

    Looks my kind of place! Great post and pictures.

  4. by Daphne Lippmann on May 29, 2017  8:14 pm Reply

    Such a pretty place, makes me want to go there!

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