Happiness is: new business cards

Regards Lauryn exists for over three years right now. That means, my previous business cards were made in that same year. These cards don’t fit with the style I have now, so I decided to design some new ones.

Because I use two different colours in my site I decided to make two sets of two different colours. I mean, this looks cute right?

Maybe this sounds silly to you, but I became seriously happy when I received these cards. They look so beautiful and clean to me. They’re so pretty!

Hm, let me tell you more about the process. I started to make some different designs in photoshop, but this was the one which was the prettiest. I made them in two different colours and my design was finished. Then I went to fotofabriek.nl. It’s a website where you can make your own photoproducts. Really nice and personal, don’t you think so? Why I made my business cards by Fotofabriek? Because they offer very good quality for nice prices. I mean, they will never scare you with their price tags.

But when do you exactly give your business card? Most of the times, this takes place at different kind of events. You talk to another blogger or to someone from a company. When the conversation ends, you can always give your business card. In case they ever want to contact you. It’s just nice to have your contacts, isn’t it? Sometimes they have business cards too and will give you theirs as well. I think that’s pretty cool!


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  1. by Natascha on May 2, 2017  12:19 pm Reply

    Ze zijn echt supermooi! Heel strak en toch vrolijk!

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