♡ Happiness is: getting that summer vibes ♡

Summer is finally coming. The days get longer, temperatures rise and the number of festivals increases. I love it!

Last year, I used Batiste’s dry shampoo very often. Why? Just because then my hair gets more volume. It’s very nice. And in this way I can style my hair easier when I’m going to a festival (for example). One can just make more variations. When this dry shampoo was empty I didn’t actually buy a new one. Honestly, don’t know why though. But this year, I thought: ‘dear dry shampoo, I miss you very much. Can we be friends again?‘. Luckily, he accepted my apology…

Batiste is my favorite brand in this field. It just has a nice odor and the quality is nice as well. Definitely a good one. Why I’m sharing this with you is because festival season is coming and y’all should probably do your hair. I thought a product like this is very handy for this kind of situations. Batiste sells many different kinds of dry shampoos, so there’s for everybody a favorite. My favorite is Batiste’s Extreme Volume :-). You should try one too. Then you’re totally summer proof. I know it for sure!

Shopping info:
 Batiste Tropical: €4,79 (200 mL)
❋ Batiste Extreme Volume: €5,89 (200 mL)



  1. by Christine on June 2, 2017  3:39 pm Reply

    I love batiste as well! Go to product!

  2. by Janine on June 2, 2017  9:12 pm Reply

    Ik verbaas me er echt soms over met Hoe mensen zulke mooie foto's kunnen maken. Ik ben echt jaloers op je foto's haha

  3. by Daphne Lippmann on June 3, 2017  1:39 pm Reply

    Batiste is echt mijn favoriete merk voor droogshampoos! Toffe foto's heb je er ook bij gemaakt

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