Graduated: what’s next?

Finally graduated from high school! Yay! In The Netherlands we call the education I finished: HAVO. It stands for ‘Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs‘ which means ‘general secondary education’.

After HAVO, I’m able to study at the university (Dutchmen call it college or ‘hogeschool‘). After coming summer I’m going to study ‘Media, Information and Communication’. Well known as MIC. If I have obtained my diploma from this study (after 4 years), then I have achieved bachelor. But that will take a while, haha.

So, you might know I just got back from New York City. Such an amazing city. Would love to go back there once. Following weekend I’ll be in Brussels, Belgium and the weekend after that I’m going to Berlin, Germany. Woah, I’m really looking forward to this period. When I’m going to Berlin, I’ll visit the big essence birthday bash, which I told about. Don’t you know what I mean? Just click here.

After this I don’t have any plans yet. What are your plans for coming summer? Would love to know!



  1. by Eva on July 5, 2017  8:20 am Reply

    Gefeliciteerd met je slagen! :D je hebt echt leuke dingen op de planning staan voor de komende periode zeg. En tof dat je in New York was, ik was daar in mei. Zo'n bijzondere stad! Mijn vakantieplannen zijn niet zo bijzonder. Ik ga een weekje naar zeeland en verder moet ik alleen maar werken.. helaas.. ;)

  2. by Lotje on July 5, 2017  9:56 am Reply

    Gefeliciteerd! Veel plezier de komende tijd! <3

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