✧ Face masks are always a good idea ✧

Okay guys, last month I told you that I’m an Etos friend right now. So, here’s my first ‘review’ about their face masks. Hope you’ll like to read this kind of blogposts as well :-).

On this moment I tried three (of five) face masks. Unfortunately, still had no time to test the last two. But okay, I’m writing this review based on the three which I have tested.

The choco (smoothing) mask was the one which I tested at first. I have nothing more to say than that it smells really great and that my skin feels soooooo soft after removing the mask of my skin. Yes, definitely loved this one. Oh, and I got a red skin after I removed it, but I think that’s kinda normal after using face masks.

The oil (deep cleansing) mask is my favorite at the moment. Why? Because its odor is so so good! Hell yes! I want to buy this one a million other times. Even after this mask I got a red skin. I really start thinking it’s normal, so don’t worry.

And last but not least, the strawberry (smoothing) mask. I didn’t really like this one, to be honest. The mask didn’t get hard, but it stayed soft and liquid. Am I the only one who thinks this is weird? Hihi. What I found remarkable was that with this mask, my skin didn’t get red after removing. It only felt very drastic what wasn’t very nice. After all, I did get a smooth skin after using this mask.

*Some basic info: these masks are available for € 0,99 per unit. All masks must be on your face for 10 to 15 minutes (for the desired effect).



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