Etos Hawaiian Guava & Pineapple lijn

The dutch brand Etos comes with another new beauty collection. It’s about a journey of beauty. “Etos takes you on a wellness trip around the world.”

At first, this packaging really looks cute to me tho. The colors and its design is just looking satisfying to me! I mean, that’s important because one probably won’t buy a product which isn’t looking nice after all.

Look at these packages yourself. Tell me what you think about it. I’m always curious to your opinion to be honest. Okay so later that week I decided to actually try these cute beauty products. Then I realized the product is freakin’ sweet by its odor. Honestly, I don’t like sweet odors so I probably won’t use this product that much.

Concluding that products actually can look attractive but aren’t that nice as I thought they would be. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy these collection because everybody has it’s own taste in stuff. Everybody should just smell the products before buying it. In this case you know you like a product for sure!

Besides this Hawaiian Guava & Pineapple collection there are three other collections in this ‘journey of beauty’. They’re called the African Marula Oil & Baobab, Nepalese White tea & rice and New Zealand Manuca honey & Beeswax. Which one would you like to try?


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