Essence cosmetics: thank you box

Last December I received lots of cute packages from brands I collaborated with. They’re so nice to me and I’m more than thankful for everything they meant for Regards Lauryn. I also did receive a ‘thank you box’ by essence cosmetics.

Essence is a brand with whom I have been collaborating with since last year. I think it started at the point where I went to their big birthday bash in Berlin. I was chosen to ‘represent’ the Netherlands at the event. As a blogger I mean. This was my first international trip as press. Such a great experience. Would love to do more of them.

So, despite of that I’m very thankful to them giving me lots of goodies and such great experiences. They were grateful to me as well. “With this box we would like to thank you for your love & support, trust & positive feedback throughout the last years.” How cute?! 😍

In this ‘thank you box’ they gave me some flawless items to rock these festive days. To be stunning at the end of 2017. And hell yes, they succeeded.

Okay so what was actually in the box? A make-up bag, an eyeshadow palette, an eyeshadow brush and a prismatic lipstick topper. Very cool, right?! All these products aren’t only for a very glamorous look, their packages do shine as well. I mean; woah look at them! You definitely want to be seen with these hot items. I’m sure you want.

Do you use any products of essence cosmetics?


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