Dr. Organic: activated charcoal

In December there was this evening when I came home from an exciting blogger event and I saw this huge package on the dining table. It was addressed to ‘Lauryn Stadhouder’. Hey, that’s me!

So, in 2017 I did some business with MVPR as well. They always supported me and sent me products which I probably would like. When I saw the package came from them, I became way more excited. I opened it very quickly.

Whoop! I saw lots of products from ‘Dr. Organic’. A brand I had never heard of. And to be honest, the packaging didn’t look amazing to me either. “What’s this?!” I was curious, as I always am. So I opened a tube and began to smell. Ew, such a weird odor… But I actually didn’t think it stinks, so what is it? After this experience I read the attached press release. It says that the products are based on charcoal, which looks very logic to me with all those black and huge letters saying ‘activated charcoal’…

Okay, my first experience with this product wasn’t that good but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t curious anymore. Of course I started to use these products, to actually try them. Under the shower, I thought: ‘Perhaps I can give this shampoo a chance. Why shouldn’t it be good?’ And yes, I tried it. Believe me, this experience was way better. I actually began to like this product. And its odor? Well, you get used to it. It’s not that weird to me now. And then there is this toothpaste, which I already liked at the first time using it. This is definitely the good stuff, haha.

After telling you this, I thought. But I mean really thinking, about deep stuff. That my first experience wasn’t the truth. Now I know that I can’t trust first experiences blind. I actually have to figure things out all by myself. Then, I can create a real opinion. In short, these Dr. Organic products are really good and I think you should give them a chance as well. They deserve to get a chance, like everybody (and everything) does. Oh and by the way, these products are available at Holland & Barrett.

Did you ever heard of Dr. Organic?


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