Disappointed in myself: I can’t do anything myself

Perhaps you knew this about me, perhaps not: but I’m a perfectionist. And this is how I cannot deal with the fact I can’t do anything myself.

My life as a blogger / freelancer is sometimes very hectic / busy and sometimes very quiet. When I got very busy I’m doing all the ‘backstage’ things myself. I’m doing administration, filming videos (and edit them), making pictures (and edit them) and I also want to be the model who poses on the pictures. Damn, I really can’t do anything myself.

This is something what goes wrong often (too often) in life. I get ridiculous if it doesn’t work and then I still want to finish it in this mood, causing me to get rid of things and then be angry with myself. To make a long story short.

Now I’m here to solve these kinds of issues for both myself and you, so let’s see what I had in mind: nothing. Seriously? How can I not find a solution to something when I’m used to do that. *Sigh*

What would you do in this situation?



  1. by Eva on June 26, 2017  5:27 pm Reply

    Er zijn mensen (bijv. José Chan) die video's editten :) Misschien bespaart dat je veel stress en tijd?

    En het is nou eenmaal het 'ding' van blogger zijn; je doet alles zelf. Dat kan soms inderdaad heel moeilijk zijn!

    • by Lauryn Stadhouder on July 3, 2017  8:29 pm Reply

      Jaa, het is zeker het 'ding' van blogger zijn. Dat is ook waarom ik alles zelf wil doen, zodat alles in één stijltje is haha :). Vind het wel heel erg leuk om te doen hoor! <3

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