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As you might know, I lived under a rock for a moment. I was just busy doing nothing… Okay, perhaps doing homework and stuff for school. But besides that, I didn’t do anything…

Honestly, I don’t know what it exactly was, but now I have found the motivation to go on. I wanted to continue with Shoprela, but I also wanted to optimize Regards Lauryn. Well, I know no one is going to read my blog ever again but at least I can improve my Instagram account.

I have to say, things are going great with the gram. I already hit that 13k followers. Life is good sometimes, haha. But okay, in this blogpost I wanted to talk about doing business with Shoprela and its progress.

Because I didn’t do anything about the marketing, I haven’t sold much phone cases in a while. Stupid, isn’t it? I thought it would be a good idea to get something new, an improvement. Previously, the packages always came with a handwritten card that was saying ‘thank you for your order’ and stuff. But now I thought: hey, that really isn’t professional lol. So I started to make a new design, which looks like my business cards, to give them by their orders. And I’m really enthusiastic about the result.

Thanks to Studentendrukwerk.nl for making this possible. I have to say, it’s such a great website because you can have multiple products printed. Specially for students, like me. As example, you can print (and bind) your thesis by them. That’s f*cking great, isn’t it?!

Well about the quality, it looks great as it feels great. I’m so happy with them, I really am. I think ordering these cards is a little step closer to being active with Shoprela again. I mean, now I have these cards so I have to give them away! It is a shame to keep them, lol. How’s your life atm?


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  1. by José on May 29, 2018  2:27 pm Reply

    Mooie kaartjes zijn het geworden!

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