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  • Busy doing business

  • As you might know, I lived under a rock for a moment. I was just busy doing nothing... Okay, perhaps doing homework and stuff for school. But besides that, I didn't do anything... Honestly, I don't know what it exactly was, but now I have found the motivation to go on. I wanted to continue with Shoprela, but I a[...]
  • The new Clinique FIT collection

  • Today's post will be in the theme of being fit. That didn't surprise you, did it? Okay so let's talk about yoga then... You know I'm not that fit girl tho hahaha. I used to be in the gym two days a week, but I couldn't carry on. So I stopped. Sad story, huh? No not really. I met yoga like more than a year ago an[...]
  • Introduction: Tabitha James Kraan (WINACTIE)

  • Recently, I received a very cute message by Tabitha James Kraan, also called TJK. They wanted me to try their organic hairproducts. "Count me in!" I said. Lately, I am increasingly looking at what kind of products I use. For example, I use products that have not been tested on animals a lot more relaxed. It just[...]
  • BLUXBox: Maart 2018

  • Hi there, it's been a long time since I've written a blogpost for Regards Lauryn. Honestly, I do miss sharing thoughts and products with you. But in this time I cannot find time for doing this anymore. So sad, I know. Today is a lucky day because I finally found some time to write a new article. I must say, I di[...]
  • The Happiness Boutique: half moon jewelry set

  • As you might know, I'm kind of obsessed with the moon and its phases. So when I saw that there are this kind of jewelry sets on the market, I had to own one of them! Recently I teamed up with The Happiness Boutique. It's a German brand which sells lots of amazing jewelry. When I scrolled through their webshop I saw [...]