Back to school with essence

Three weeks ago, I started at a new school located in Amsterdam. So today, I’ll tell you about the differences and what I think this will do to me the next years.

Well, in this three weeks I noticed some differences with high school. In this school, I have to do more by myself. I have to teach myself new stuff, so I’m really independent in this education. Honestly, I don’t mind this independence. I just love to figure things out all by myself. So that’s okay. I just need more discipline to do all these things at home. In this way I won’t lag behind, so I won’t have to catch things up. My planning is perfect at the moment, but it’s the trick to keep this up.

Well, last week essence showed up with new ‘back to school’ essentials. They sent me a nice notebook (omg, I’m obsessed with notebooks), and some fancy makeup products as well. These products will definitely make you bling in the first weeks of school. I mean, it’s important to feel comfortable. And I do feel comfortable when I know my makeup is on fleek. Do you know this feeling?

The make me glow liquid bronzer most attracted my attention. I never had a product like this before, so I had to try it out. I mean, what would the result look like. It looks so weird to me though. But the result was the opposite of what I had in mind. It looks actually cool and I’m definitely in the spots right now. Look at me!

Okay, but I received some other products as well. The kiss the frog lipstick seemed to be cool though. To me, it looked like a green lipbalm which is very weird in my eyes. But this is a special one. When you apply the lipstick, your lips won’t become green but pink instead. On my lips it looks very flawless. I think this one looks different by person. You should just try it out and see if the result is cool as well. Let me know! I’m curious to your experiences.


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