Autumn/winter collection Catrice and Essence

Recently, I’ve been to Berlin to be present at Essence’s big birthday bash. Essence turned 15 this year so they celebrated it by organizing a big party for big fans.

I obviously do love Essence because their products aren’t tested on animals but their products are cheap as well. They always got your back when you don’t have enough money to buy expensive make-up, because they will give you the same quality for a much lower price. Yes girls, think about that.

So, I received a press release lately. It said Catrice and Essence both launch new products. This made me so happy, because I really do love new products and things. Yea, I really love to figure new things out and to try new products.

I noticed that both collections do have some same colours. They’re all dark and stuff. Like two lipsticks in the colour purple, which was very surprisingly to me. Honestly, I don’t love to see purple on my lips but these ones are actually cool. I should make a photo and share this with you. To be continued (psst, follow me on Instagram. I bet you’ll see it there).

As you can see on the picture above, I received many (and then I mean MANY!!!) products to review. They’re are all, piece by piece, amazing. I love it. Just wanted to say that I already shared some products with you on Instagram stories. I actually reviewed them though. So, I’m definitely going to do that once again (with other products of course). What do you think about that?


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