Advertising vs personal

As a blogger you might receive some requests about reviewing some products, exchanging url’s and making advertisements.

The last one is the hardest to me. I mean, it all has to deal with the brand and the concept. Some brands and their concepts fit perfectly with my own brand. In this way there’s no problem. But there actually are some concepts in which my brand doesn’t fit that good. Of course I can reject these requests, that’s what most of the time happens. But what if I actually do like the concept, but don’t know how to make content for it at first. Well, I start thinking and I will keep thinking until there’s an idea.

I think it’s hard to advertise in a personal way, because I don’t want to be associated with a certain name. So I have to think about an promotion form in which I don’t place myself as user or something else. Well, in some ways that’s actually impossible. And hell yes, I can still reject this inquiry. But if I’m so deep into this concept, I feel weak when doing that. There has to be a way out.

Okay so after thinking way too much times, there’s finally a good idea in which my brand fits and their concept does as well. But then you got the other question. People will definitely think that I’m using this brand too after seeing this promotion. I’m totally okay with that, because if I won’t I hadn’t had accept this request. But, I’m wondering; if they ask me if I’m really using the product. Is it okay to say that I don’t? Does one actually need to use the product because they advertise for the brand?

I think one don’t. Making advertisements isn’t all about the usage of the people who are in it. It’s about telling what it does and sometimes you need people to show others. And today I think I’m in that place. In this advertisement it’s about the product and not me. What do you think of this subject?


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