What good food can do

When I encountered that green drink more and more, I discovered that it is called ‘Matcha tea’. I always thought it looked cool and healthy, so I had to try it…

This is just one example, but I can name more. To save some time, I’ll not list them all. But I think, this all has to deal with the fact that I’m highly interested in healthy food. I mean, if I think something healthy looks cool then I probably am naturally pulled towards healthy food.

So, to continue my story: I actually did purchase some good foods. You know the brand ‘Biotona’? It sells amazing stuff to improve your lifestyle. First of all, I made myself a cup of Matcha tea. My first impression about this drink wasn’t that good, but I still decided to make another cup the next day. This time I thought the drink was much better. And now I’m drinking it many times. I mean, it’s good to drink Matcha tea on days you haven’t eaten vegetables yet. So I highly recommend doing this as well.

Then you can see other bags in the picture. These are some skin food, and other healthy powders you can put in your food.

This was my breakfast from another day. You have yourself some greek yoghurt and a little smoothie on top. To finish that meal, you can sprinkle the ‘super greens’ powder over it. This will definitely give you an energy boost in the early morning. I’m so happy I tried this!

So, to return to the title. Good food can make you very happy and energetic. I’ve experienced this. So you can take this from me, haha. I will try to use this kind of products for as long as possible 🙂

Biotona is exclusively available by Holland & Barrett (formerly ‘de Tuinen’).



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