What about wearing skater clothes, but not being a skater…?

Like everyone who has the same age as me, I’m also developing my own style. I have to say, it’s more difficult than I thought. But I definitely love to find out.

At the moment, I still don’t know how to describe my (fashion) style. I just know that I love to wear skater clothes and all those kind of stuff. I also do love items which aren’t worn by everybody already. It has to be a trend, but not that trending. Omg, it’s so hard to explain…

Recently, I started to buy shirts by Stüssy, Nike SB and other similar brands like these. Then I got the question; do you actually skate? This question has made me think. I mean, the answer is no. But, I’m not just wearing their clothes. All I wanna say is that I’m not one of that kind of teenagers who are wearing these Thrasher tee’s because they do like to wear trending stuff. Okay, I don’t have any Thrasher clothes in my wardrobe so that’s one sign I’m not following the others. But yea, let me tell you the reason why.

Besides, I don’t wanna blame Thrasher Magazine though. But it’s just an example of an actual image.

Mostly, when I walk into a skate shop I actually get those chill vibes. The nice music they play. The cute colours of the apparel. The nice shoes. It’s just all in one that makes me happy. Therefore, I always do love the colours of the tee’s they sell. Mostly, they don’t sell these kind of colours in other stores. The soft pink, turquoise, lilac. It’s all too cute. And hell yes, I know this is meant for the boys. But perhaps I am a tomboy :p. I’m also a big fan of their great quality. The fabric of its apparel is so nice, love it. Perfect.

So, that’s actually the reason for me to shop their awesome stuff. Do you have a reason behind a certain type of clothes?



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