✧ Throw away negative thoughts ✧

Sometimes, I feel like having those weeks which are completely negative for me. In those weeks I feel sad, slack and all I wanna do is sleep and being alone. Is this just a teen thing or what?!

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.” 

I think it’s pretty normal to have a dip at times, but it’s not fun. And that’s what you want right? So to reduce these negative thoughts I did some research. Because I’ll have something about it, I thought perhaps you would like to read it as well. That’s the reason why I’m sharing this with you :-).

✧ recognize what the subject is
Most of the times, it’s not that easy to recognize what it is what I become unhappy about. But when I keep trying, I bet I’ll find it. Because when I’m are aware of the subject, perhaps I’ll be more alert to that… And then I can do something about it.

✧ replace the negative thoughts
This part is even harder. I know. But when one succeed, they’ll definitely be happy. Yes, they will. So, uhh let me think. When I’m unhappy because of the money I don’t have; I can replace this thought by saying that at least I have money for the most important things to live. Think of food, clothes, education. Be thankful for the things you already have.

✧ become happy
We all have something we really like. In my place, I really love cats. So, to become happy. I’m going to make a collage of the most adorable cat pics. I’ll place this collage in my room so when I’m sad and I see these pics, I automatically become happy. Yay! Maybe it will work when I do this more often. So, I can take it to school and look at it when I feel unhappy.


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  1. by Malou | Blonde Blossom on May 31, 2017  10:16 am Reply

    Great tips! It's very important to find the source for your unhappiness, that makes things a whole lot better! Malou x

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