The meaning of wonderful gems

As you may have known, my interest lately has been with the spiritual. I thought of gems and wondered what is so special about it nowadays.

I immediately decided to set up my glasses and crawl behind my MacBook. Let’s do some research!

I used to save those gems about years ago. But now I regret that I probably left them away. I cry. I find it amazing how nature can surrender its power to humans. I therefore believe that precious stones have special powers. Let’s see:

a m e t h y s t

colour: purple/white
zodiac sign: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Its spiritual function:
It’s a stone that stands for friendship and charity. It can also be used during meditation and to hold attention.

Its physical function:
Helps among others for headache and tension. Also a good stone for people who have insomnia. And last but not least: helps with migraine if carried on the skin :-).

r u b y 

colour: red
zodiac sign: Aries, Cancer

Its spiritual function:
The stone symbolizes spiritual love and will provide for selflessness and respect for life.

Its physical function:
Supports the functioning of ovaries and teal balls which reduces the risk of a miscarriage. It will also heal inflammations and itching :-).

r o s e   q u a r t z 

colour: light pink
zodiac sign: Taurus

Its spiritual function:
This stone will give you inspiration and guidance in meditative exercises. It will also loosen all the good in a man and will strengthen self-confidence.

Its physical function:
Strengthens the stomach. But it’s also a good idea to put it in the children’s room or in the cradle, it will keep the baby calm and happy, for example, for stomach cramps. Also good against diarrhea, cramps and bowel disorders :-).

NOTE: this is all about what you believe.
Source: Edelsteentje


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