Take it to the letterboard…

I’ve seen these letterboards so many times lately. I basically fell in love with them, so I had to purchase one by my own, haha.

I’m highly sensitive for trends so yeah, you can say I’m a follower sometimes. Definitely when it’s about interior. I just love to be busy making my house feeling like home. Beside, I just love to change things once a time. It’s not fun to keep your house in the same way, right?

With a letterboard like this, you can do so many things. You can put some quotes on it, based on your mood. I thought the quote “Coffee is always a good idea” is very applicable because we always do drink coffee in our living room.

Just because these letterboards are so trending right now, you can easily find a lot of inspiration. You only have to search for ‘letterboard’ on Pinterest and voila, there are endless quotes you can put on your own letterboard. I’m already thinking of putting “Dear summer, please come back” on my board during winter, haha. Omg, I can have so much fun with this kind of stuff.

Do you like to be busy with these kind of things as well? Why don’t you buy a letterboard by your own? It isn’t that expensive. Just go to coolgift.com and purchase your own size / colour! Would love to see your creations with this letterboard :-).



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  1. by Abhishek on August 18, 2017  10:33 am Reply

    Writing our heart out. Nice blog!

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