Success is what YOU believe

You might have heard of superstition. Honestly, I don’t know if this is a positive or negative understanding, but it’s all about how you think about it.

Let’s take ‘chakra candles’ as an example. There are seven different kind of chakras: Survival, Emotional Balance, Willpower, Unconditional Love, Creativity, Intuition and Spirituality. And it’s up to you to believe if such a candle will help you.

If you believe that such a thing will help you, it will probably be. That’s because you believe it. Sounds logical, right?

So my mother made some envelopes with trifles for my exam period. And I have to say, these helped me to get through this period. Really. I also had a lucky puppet which I took with me to every exam. Although not all exams went super well, I think it all helped a little. That’s what I believe. Unfortunately, there are enough people in this world that want to take off your success/happiness. But why though? They make your “rituals” ridiculous and say it doesn’t help. But I think that tells more about them than about you. They are probably envious of what we have achieved in life. We found ourselves, they don’t.

All I wanted to say is go grab something you believe in and go catch your dreams. I bet you’ll succeed!


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