People who spy on their followers?

Recently, I noticed that many people spy on their (Instagram) followers. That’s freaking weird, isn’t it? I honestly don’t even know how they’re doing it, lol.

I mean, I surely know there are some kind of apps which you can download on your smartphone. They’ll probably give you some notifications when someone unfollows you. Or doesn’t it work like that? Because I have really no idea.

I only know that I think it’s weird to spy on your followers. Why hate being unsuccessful, because that’s what you are. These people act like it’s the unfollower’s problem. Like sending you directly a message saying: “why did you unfollow me?”. It’s so rude to deal with your followers like that. They may decide who they want to follow by theirselves or not?

Okay, sorry for being this negative but it’s just something I noticed. Maybe it’s interesting to tell how I’m dealing with my followers.
We all have those moments on which you have many unfollowers, but in contrast there are also moments when you receive lots of followers. That’s how Instagram works. You just have to accept that when you want to grow. When I see I have less followers than before I think it’s okay, because why do you want to have followers who aren’t active or worse: don’t actually like you. I myself only want people who really love to see my pictures and support me.

So I’m totally okay with people who doesn’t want to follow me anymore. You can compare it with feedback. I mean, when you have a lot of unfollowers your feed might have been changed and they probably don’t like it anymore. At least that’s how I’m seeing things. Would love to know what you guys think of this!


PS. There’s many more I can tell you about this subject, but I just didn’t want to make this post too long. So if there’s any interest in another article about this subject. Tell me!

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