☁︎ People do change ☁︎

I think we all had that best friend who changed from one to the other day… Why’s that? And why me?

When I experienced this moment, I could only think of that I was the one who caused it. But of course that isn’t true. Problems are never caused by just one person. Believe me. Never.

The only annoying thing is that it’s such a hard period you have to get through. The first few weeks you’ll miss her (or him). I know. But you have to go on. It sucks, because suddenly you don’t have that friend anymore and you have to deal with life all alone. Or not. But you got what I mean right? That’s what it feels like. Lonely.

I think it’s best to accept that people do change. They all have their reasons. Whether or not they will share it with you, they do have reasons. And that’s exactly what you have to accept. It’s hard, I know. But you have to. Why? Because you probably don’t like to stay sad (or mad) all the time. You have to stay positive and find other people who will make you laugh. I bet they exist. You only have to be patient to find them.


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