Organizing a picnic

One of the best things in the summer is to organize a picnic, isn’t it? Gather a lot of tasty snacks and enjoy them in the sun. That’s how we roll.

When I went to picnic with my sister yesterday, we sat in the park. Where we did not have internet connection… So, this was the ultimate moment of enjoying life without any phones. We could finally enjoy each other’s company and talk to each other without messaging others at the same time.

For some people it is difficult to determine what food you take with you, and for others it’s not. So to inspire you with many food ideas, I’ll tell you what our grocery list was.

» Strawberries
» Nutella
» Raspberries
» Grapes
» Waffles
» Sushi
» Shrimps
» Lemonade

The reason we have chosen so many different tastes is because we just wanted to eat a lot of different things. There are so many delights that choosing is very difficult. I think it’s very fun to buy things that you can combine. We ate strawberries and raspberries on the waffles. But we also ate strawberries with nutella. Yummy! This is a tip for you: choose things you can eat together. I’m sure you will not regret it. What would you replace / add to this shopping list?


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