Negative or positive image?

You know, I’ve thought about many things lately. And I noticed that there are too many people who only see your bad sides. But why tho? Why don’t they see your positive sides as well?

I really feel bad about people who can only think negative. I mean, I’m having negative thoughts as well. Everybody got them. But it’s just the way how you deal with them. And what you express to others. I myself always try to stay positive. To see the positive in things and think better about things than they actually are. This definitely helps me with life. What does it help to be moody all day and every day?

So, well, I noticed some people only see my mistakes, but don’t see the good things I do. Maybe they should, because everyone needs compliments to go further. I know from myself that I really like to get encouragement from others. Because this gives me motivation in life.

I have been thinking about what to do with this, but I actually didn’t found anything that works. The only thing I can do is ignore these people. To give no attention to them. Because when you don’t, they probably will leave you alone. They aren’t friends, they are just people who like the company but can’t add something to your life. Hmmm.


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  1. by Diana on September 20, 2017  9:42 am Reply

    So proud of you. 💕

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