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I have always been obsessed with horoscopes and zodiac signs. So why not go deeper into my own constellation: Aquarius.

I’ve been looking for explanations on the internet. And hell yes I know this isn’t the most reliable source, but I just had no time to go to the library or something :(. I have to do it with this right now.

I found this information:

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Color: Light-Blue, Silver
Day: Saturday
Ruler: UranusSaturn
Greatest Overall Compatibility: LeoSagittarius
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
Date range: January 20 - February 18

And I have to say that I’m completely surprised. Saturn has always been my favorite planet, but I never knew why. Now I see it’s my ‘ruler’. That’s pretty cool! About my day Saturday I’m also surprised, because this really is my happy day. Just chilling and making time for the things I like. But, I’m not that surprised about the lucky numbers. My lucky number is 3 and it’s not among these other numbers. So sad.

Okay, as I scrolled further down. I found this:

Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
Aquarius likes: Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation,
a good listener
Aquarius dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations,
people who disagree with them

I think most of these things are actually true. Let’s say that I recognize myself in lots of things which are named above. I like this so much. And you know, zodiac signs are all about what YOU believe. About what you see in yourself. So perhaps when you don’t recognize any of these characteristics you need to see yourself in a different way. I don’t know, but at least think about it :).

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