My love for the telescope

Recently, I watched through the telescope again. I used to do it more often, but just because I’m more interested in astronomy these days, it was extra special to me. 

First we (my boyfriend and I) looked at Saturn. My favourite planet of our solar system. Saturn was so little. So cute. I just wanted to hold it in my arms. But we all know Saturn is one of the biggest planets in our solar system so unfortunately that isn’t possible :'(.

Then we looked at the moon. Or should I say, our moon? Earth’s moon. I think it’s such an amazing thing as well. Really want to go there once. If that’s possible?

So when I watched through the telescope this time, I fell in love with the planets we saw and with our solar system as well. I think it’s such amazing how this exists. And how we are really nothing. Because, that’s really what we are. I’m in love with space.

What do you think of these planets and our solar system? Would love to know!



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