Morning person: this is (the new) you

A morning person knows many advantages. Why don’t you try to become one? Let’s see…

If you get up early, your day is longer and you will be able to do more. In addition, in the evening you will also come to sleep a lot sooner if you get up early in the morning. Take it from me.

Ok, so here are a few things that you recognize and / or can do to become one:

» Snooze
‘Real’ morning people don’t snooze. But to become one this is the best thing to start with. Just set another alarm right 15 minutes before your real alarm goes off. In this way you can just hit that snooze button without feeling guilty. Because you’ve been able to lie a moment (and you’ve been awake for a while) you can get up faster when your real alarm clock is ringing. I know this is a bit contradictory, so if you are a real die hard you can also try to get up at your first alarm clock right away. That is ultimately our goal.

» Breakfast
A good breakfast is certainly not unimportant. Make one with a lots of protein and eat it as early as possible. The sooner you eat your breakfast, the sooner you get energy. That’s what we all want, right?

» Planning
I know it sounds like I’m talking to a young child, but this one really works. Just try to imagine the night before what you want to do the next day. Write this down, and I promise you won’t panic the next day about what to do that day :-).


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