Monday, I don’t hate you…

Everywhere I look, negative things are said about Monday. But why? Because what if you can get the best out of a Monday? Think about that, hun…

I myself see Monday as a new start and a new beginning. Mistakes that you made last week can be resolved in this new week and unfinished projects can be completed.

Why do you hate Monday? Because if you are negative in life, every moment will become an obstacle. I bet you don’t want that right? See things on the bright side and your life will be a little more positive.

Of course I’m mad when I make a mistake, but then I realize that making mistakes will make perfect. Because when I’m doing this task all over again, it will be better than before. I also love Mondays because this is the first day I receive new inquiries and other exciting mails in my mailbox (after the weekend). I just love to connect with my followers and brands. This always gives me a boost and motivation.

So, ladies and gentlemen. Please apologize to Monday. She will appreciate it. ☾



  1. by Dominique on July 10, 2017  2:32 pm Reply

    Great outlook, Lauryn. I hate myself a Monday! LOL! Glad to read these positive vibes.

  2. by Courtney on July 10, 2017  5:31 pm Reply

    I definitley needed this today! Love the positive vibes! Happy Monday, to you!

  3. by silvia on July 10, 2017  7:25 pm Reply

    I loved this piece :) I have to say I appreciate Mondays too, for being that first day of what can become a really amazing week! And if it turns out not ot be, then hey- what did you lose by being optimistic?

  4. by Carissa Eva on July 11, 2017  4:08 am Reply

    Yes! Totally feeling the positive vibes! I used to be that grouchy person on a Monday, but a couple of years ago I decided to change my mindset and look at the bright side of things! I'm not saying I'm constantly jumping around from joy, but I practice the ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.
    I love how you said that you see Mondays as a new start, a time when you can fix prior mistakes. Great outlook. Thanks for sharing the positivity.

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