Looking for inspiration: how to?

Finding inspiration is perhaps more difficult than it seems, especially if you are not in your creative mood. So, today I’m going to tell you what kind of things you need to pay more attention to.

Important inspiration sources are Pinterest and We Heart It. I mean, these are my two favorites. Most of the time, I just browse through many random pics and save the ones which I really like. That’s why you have different boards to pin or heart on. Different boards, different subjects.

If you find it hard to find your own style, then why not follow others’ boards. You can ‘steal’ their inspiration as well, heheh.

Everytime when I browse through these random pics, I think by myself: is this useful? Can I do something with this in the future? Will it help me with new articles / my new room decor / the way how to take pictures? This all has to deal with the subject you are searching inspiration for. Because if I’m looking for a way to take pictures in my Calvin Klein top, then I only select the photos which I can copy / imitate. Because if this is impossible for me, for whatever reason (idk perhaps because of the location), then I have to deal with the fact I cannot make a picture like this and I’ll look further.

It’s also very important to only select the pictures which does fit in your style. Because if you want to copy some Tumblr like pictures which aren’t your style, this will be hard. So please stay yourself and don’t try to be different. You = you.


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