❊ Instruction manual for doubters ❊

It’s very normal to doubt, everyone does it. All you have to know is how to deal with it. And I can understand that this isn’t the easiest thing in the world. So today I’ll help you doubters a bit.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 

What we all don’t want is to drop our dreams and goals. We just want to achieve them and set another dreams/goals. It’s just like a circle. Doubting can be a proper block in this way. It will be a block you can’t pass by, so you aren’t able to achieve your goal or dream. That’s sad. Why don’t learn how to do pass by this silly doubting block?

❋ try to figure out where the doubt comes from
Is there any good reason to doubt? Perhaps you could think about what inner you really wants. What do you want? Try to only think of yourself and not of others interests.

❋ important decisions
What I do when I’m in this moment, is writing down the pros and cons. I’ll definitely think about it and get some rest. Then, I choose which feels the best to me. In this way you let your intuition do the job. Now you know you’ll choose the right one ;-).

❋ insignificant dilemma?
When it’s about something unimportant, you shouldn’t be in doubt for a long time. Let somebody else choose for you or throw a coin which decides for you. In this way the fate will choose for you. You can also make some rules for yourself. When having an insignificant dilemma I won’t buy it or I will choose what’s the best for the environment.



  1. by Josine on May 30, 2017  8:13 am Reply

    Goede tips! Ik ben echt een twijfelkont, en ga er dan juist voor :-) omgekeerde wereld haha! Liefs Josine

    • by Lauryn Stadhouder on July 3, 2017  8:33 pm Reply

      Jaa, als dat voor jou goed werkt. Waarom niet, toch? X

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