I don’t feel like doing anything: how to?

Everybody feels like not doing anything sometimes. But sometimes you just have to deal with it. Today I’m going to tell you how you can.

☾ ask yourself

Ask yourself: why is doing this a good idea? I mean: perhaps you don’t feel like going to visit your family, because you probably don’t have cousins to chat with. Idk? So, you’re sitting there like bored and things. I know. But you have to visit them. Why? Because perhaps you have to be happy you still have these people in your life. I bet there are many others who don’t have them anymore… Think about that, hun!

☾ defeat your fears

Sometimes you won’t feel like doing anything because perhaps you’re afraid of it. As example: I don’t like to talk on the phone. Mostly, I delay this kind of appointments. Not good. The reason why I have to do this, is to defeat my fear. When this fear is over, I will never delay these appointments and then I can finally talk normal over the phone. I just have to go through this…

☾ leave your ideal image

You can also feel like not doing it because you’re afraid to fail. But no one is perfect. And no one can do everything flawless. I know you know it ;-). Just leave that ideal image and start with your task. I promise it will go better than you think!



  1. by Reginald on July 6, 2017  12:04 am Reply

    i really enjoyed reading this!

  2. by Jade Braham on July 7, 2017  3:48 pm Reply

    This is a great post! it got me thinking about why I sometimes don't want to do things!! I love thought provoking posts! :)

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