How do others see me?

In life with social media, everything is easy to influence. That’s why there are ‘influencers’ nowadays. Sometimes it happens unconsciously and otherwise not.

Recently, I scrolled through my Instagram feed and thought: ‘Hey, how do my followers see me? Because the things I’m sharing are totally normal to me, but perhaps not for my followers…’

Of course it can happen that it looks like I’m having a good life. But that’s the whole thing of social media. Only the bright sides of life will be shared. Like we all have that perfect life, but I can tell you, no one can have a perfect life. There’s always something that bothers them to not enjoy (or something else). I mean, hell yeah there are people so close to that perfect life, but I think they still don’t have it. Because when you have more, you still want more and more, that’s how your needs grow.

But let’s get back to the subject. Honestly, I didn’t write this blogpost to talk about myself or something. But I just wondered how it looked like. I’m just trying to entertain you and share the pictures I made. That’s what I love to do. So now I’m going to ask you: did you ever wonder how people see you? It doesn’t have to deal with this Instagram story I told you, but it can be about how you’re in school or something :p.



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