♡ Happiness is: listening to (new) music ♡

I really can enjoy life when I just found a new track which is soooooo nice. Tracks which have a nice bass, a great melody and an awesome text are booming! Damn.

During summer I often listen to those Spanish-like songs, which give me really really good summer vibes. Those are the best in summer! The rest of the year I really love different music genres. From hiphop and r&b to house and electro. Hell yes!

Of course, listening to music must go with great quality. This is why I own a premium Spotify account and why I’m listening with my Sudio Sweden headphones.

Lately, I purchased an iPhone 7+ so I couldn’t listen music with an AUX cable anymore. This is why it’s so important to purchase a bluetooth headset. Fortunately, Sudio Sweden gave me this opportunity. They do sell the most minimalistic and modern earphones which are connectable with both bluetooth and cable. How cool?! For the best music experience I use my Regent earphones the most. They close me off the world for a moment, so I can enjoy the music I’m listening to. That’s what we all want right?

In this way I’m enjoying my moment alone while I’m discovering some new great music. I just loooove music, don’t you?


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