Full moon tonight

There’s a full moon in the Netherlands tonight. For me a good time to think again about what meaning life has for me now.

A full moon means that the sun is directly opposite the moon and thus he is fully illuminated. The phases after the full moon are called ‘waning’ because less and less of the moon will be visible.

I think this is the perfect period to let everything that has not high priority go. This can be anything. Relationships, emotions, jobs etcetera. I’m sure the moon gives you the benefit of the doubt so you’ll achieve good results. Don’t be afraid.

It’s also a good period for guidance and healing. Perhaps you can improve your psychic abilities. Give it a try.

What I can not help with these days is stress. And I’m sure I’m going to drop that. Stressing about my exam results does not make sense. I can’t change anything anymore. What will you release this period?


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