Don’t believe everything you think

I believe everyone is a bit insecure about their life, it’s not only us. It’s more than healthy to be insecure about some things, but the fact is: you have to know how to live with grogginess.

“Be brave enough to listen to your heart”.

Sometimes, it’s hard to listen to your heart because everything that counts are your brains. I mean, your brains (and so are mine) are acting like they know everything, but they actually don’t. Most of the time they don’t know your feelings and I have to say: that sucks! This is the way how I deal with insecurity:

☾ insecurity = normal
We all have to accept that grogginess is the most normal thing on earth. Everyone has their moments. Okay, some people do suffer more than others. But that doesn’t mean we can’t live with this? All I want to say is: think. Think and accept. You are not alone <3.

☾ strangers minds scare me
Oh please, you don’t wanna know how much I live in other brains. I always think of what other people think of me. And most of the time, these aren’t positive minds. Getting sick of this, you too? These minds definitely do scare me! Okay, now I just made a big step. I do realize that this happens to often and that this isn’t a good thing. So, what could be the next step? Yes, I (and maybe we) can try to stop living in others minds. I mean, we actually don’t know their thoughts, do we? So the next time when you try to read someone else’s mind, say stop to yourself. Just try. Perhaps it will work :).

☾ let’s be friends with the whole world
Trying to be friends with all the people of the world. You’re kidding right? Of course we can’t let that happen. Who else can have so many friends like this? I bet it won’t be even fun to have this amount of friends, lol. So, why do we expect everybody to like us? I honestly don’t know, but we shouldn’t. There are always some kind of people we don’t like and so are there others who probably won’t like us. Accept this and go on. How bad is that?



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