Coincidence does not exist

Coincidence is a very difficult concept. Everyone will experience this concept in a different way. I mean, that’s why it’s such a different concept right?

Honestly, I don’t know what coincidence is. And I think no one knows exactly. So let’s look at the official definition:


“A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.”

Okay, now we know a little more. But it’s not completely clear to me yet. Let’s think of an example or something.

Ehm. Imagine you were shopping in the city center and you came across a friend you haven’t seen in ages. Probably, you’ll say something like: “What a coincidence that we meet again! I haven’t seen you in ages.” Do you understand what kind of coincidence I am thinking about? Okay, that’s good.

Well, as you might have seen, the title says ‘coincidence does not exist’ which doesn’t match with the example I just told. And that’s exactly where this article is about, because I honestly do not believe in coincidence. Everything happens with a reason (in my opinion), don’t you think so? I think it’s weird to ‘accidentally’ meet someone you haven’t seen in many years. Why would you see him or her on that exact moment? It just has to deal with something. Apparently, it’s meant to be. You had to meet him/her because of something. I mean, perhaps you’ll need him/her in the future. You never know. Always be aware of coincidence moments. Because nothing happens without a reason.

What do you think of coincidence?



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